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"Pockets of Treasure"

a documentary by Tamalyn Dallal

(Production on hold for the time being. Tamalyn wants to delve deeper into the cultures before representing them on film.)

"Pockets of Treasure" takes you on a journey…A cultural journey through parts of the US with long held, vibrant traditions. The film begins in the "Cajun Prairie" of rural Louisiana during Mardi Gras.

Cajun music, Creole Zydeco, and "Swamp Pop" '50's fusion rock the land. Gumbo cook offs and crawfish boils whet ones appetite, as we experience some of the oldest and most colorful Mardi Gras traditions in the world.  

Tamalyn hears of Cajuns who settled in Appalachia long ago, and sets out for the mountains. Will she find the long lost mountain Cajuns?  Time will tell…

The journey becomes the story! Discover dance traditions stemming from the British Isles to Africa and instruments that may have begun as far away as Central Asia. "Pockets of Treasure" is a rollicking adventure that will tap your toes and rock your soul. 

"Pockets of Treasure" is a non profit film project that will not be for sale. This film will be shown at talks and educational institutions, and shared online. Ms. Dallal finds that, since most everything is online with a very low profit margin, if this film is sold to streaming audiences, the cost is more than it is worth, and if it is non profit-no charge, there is much more freedom to film in a spontaneous way without a lot of paperwork and formalities, pass it between friends and share American culture that is not mainstream or manufactured. Of course, there will be communication and sensitivity to the artists.