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Tamalyn Dallal travels the world to dance, teach and 


She has performed and taught Middle Eastern dance for 39 years, touring over 40 countries. s. Dallal has written three books ("40 Days and 1001 Nights", "Belly Dancing for Fitness", and "They Told Me I Couldn't".) She operated three multi ethnic dance studios (Mid Eastern Dance Exchange 1 and 2 in Miami Beach from 1990-2005, then Zamani Culture House in Bothell, WA. from 2012-2015.

Ms. Dallal's Orientalia Dance festival have taken place from 1994-2013 in Miami Beach, Buenos Aires, Seattle area, Hong Kong and Zanzibar (Tanzania).

Tamalyn's Films are an extension of her belief that that if the world danced more, we would fight less. Her films are about the art of discovery and wonder. 

"Pockets of Treasure" Dance, music and culture of America's Deep South is a non profit film project that will not be for sale. This film will be shown at talks and educational institutions, and shared online. Ms. Dallal finds that, since most everything is online with a very low profit margin, if this film is sold to streaming audiences, the cost is more than it is worth, and if it is non profit-no charge, there is much more freedom to film in a spontaneous way without a lot of paperwork and formalities, pass it between friends and share American culture that is not mainstream or manufactured. Of course, there will be communication and sensitivity to the artists.

"Ethiopia Dances for Joy" is Tamalyn's journey through dance, faith, celebration food and fashion in Ethiopia. Released 2013

"Zanzibar Dance, Trance and Devotion" Filmed over four visits to the island of Unguja in Zanzibar. She was led by the Kariako state dance troupe to remote villages with a variety of dance practices. In this film we explore the reasons why people have danced throughout human history: celebration, devotion to God, ritual, and more recently, stage performance. Released 2011.